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CBD and Holidays

CBD oil: an effective remedy against sunburn to take on holiday with you!

Every year we look forward to finally summer to literally escape from the cities, from the chaos, from the hectic routine of every day, to enjoy some well-deserved rest on vacation. Today we can say: Welcome SUMMER!

But she, the protagonist of the hot season ... the one who will allow us to appear more "beautiful", more "luminous" in the eyes of others and why not , more "elegant" than usual, where do we put it? Ladies and Gentlemen, and here is the highly anticipated TINTARELLA !

The tanning ritual is very simple and of certain, or almost certain, results; often, however, perhaps taken by too much enthusiasm of the first days at the beach, we spread ourselves on the sunbed and forget how important it is, from many points of view, to protect our skin from UV rays and from sunburn.
In reality we know that excessive exposure to the sun can cause sunburn , especially in light-skinned subjects or, in much more serious cases, real burns .

Among the best substances, increasingly studied and used to treat sunburn is CBD - or the Cannabis cannabidiol - perfect ally, ideal for counteracting painful situations caused by sunburn.

CBD is known throughout the world especially for its multiple therapeutic and curative properties . The beneficial effects it brings to the body are innumerable.

Today we focus on the effectiveness of CBD oil .

How to use CBD oil on the skin to treat a sunburn

Olio CBD - <tc>Canapa Montana</tc>

Before proceeding with the topical application of CBD it is important and necessary to perform a perfect and deep cleansing of the skin , locally in the inflamed area . Attention to do not rub when drying! Dab very gently , using a soft towel, to avoid worsening the situation. Apply generously CBD oil - obviously there are no limits to wraps so, if you like, apply several layers and repeat several times a day, for at least a week - and let it act . Dedicate yourself to an invigorating massage that will accelerate healing and offer a powerful sensation of relaxation and well-being, both to the body and to your spirit.

Remember that CBD oil - just like this, proposed by us at Canapa Montana - it is a completely natural product, free of silicones and parabens, 100% Made in Italy .

Why choose CBD oil for sunburn

1) CBD oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties : it acts by exerting a fresh effect on the skin, providing comfort and decreasing the sensation of heat.

2) Its action encourages the natural care process : thanks to its completely natural composition, it is not necessary to use chemicals that could further damage the skin. It is also also effective in reducing swelling, as well as nourishing the skin .

3) Research shows that CBD also acts as antioxidant : this property is equally important for sun exposure, as UV rays can damage the skin giving it a wrinkled and old appearance. The cannabinoids present in CBD help fight these free radicals , limiting the damage.

In short, go immediately to visit our page of the site dedicated to CBD oil and ... try it!

Before leaving, However, we would like to remind you that prevention is better than cure, so protect your skin every time you expose yourself to the sun by asking your doctor or a dermatologist what sun protection factor you need; repeat the application of the sunscreen regularly, especially after each swim, and avoid exposure to the sun in the hottest hours of the day .
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