I vantaggi della Canapa sul nostro Pianeta

The advantages of Hemp on our Planet

We have talked several times about how CBD is a very important and useful principle for the psychophysical well-being of people and animals but, today more than ever, we are sure that the cultivation of hemp can really be a winning move for the our planet.

The Hemp plant provides a natural alternative to be able to live in Harmony with the environment and the ecosystem .

Considering that Hemp can be used in all its parts, let's see together some main ways, all scientifically studied and documented, in which it can really represent a positive turning point for our future:

  • Hemp, with its cultivation, is able to prevent pollution from pesticides.
    Unlike cotton or linen, Hemp is a plant that naturally resists parasites without the need for pesticides which, penetrating into the ground, can be truly polluting sources of land and aquifers. By increasing the cultivation of Hemp we could therefore reduce our exposure to pollutants that are dangerous to health.
  • Did you know that biodegradable plastics are obtained from Hemp?
    At the base of the plastic we use every day we have cellulose derived from petroleum, considered highly toxic. Hemp, on the other hand, can be considered the largest producer of biodegradable cellulose in the world, so why fill us with harmful waste when we could use Hemp to produce plastics and then recycle a product that is 100% natural?
  • Hemp, source of raw materials.
    A single hectare of hemp can produce more paper annually than four hectares of trees can. Also considering that, unlike other plants, hemp grows very quickly, we could really use it as a source and real raw material for wood and paper.
  • Hemp as a food product.
    It is considered a true gluten-free Superfood. Hemp seeds are one of the oldest food sources and at the same time rich and nutritious as they provide the body with vitamins, amino acids and much more. Considering that, unlike many other crops, this grows in many areas of the planet, we could also save a lot of air transport with its use.
  • Hemp and sustainable clothes.
    Currently, about 80% of clothes are made with synthetic fibers derived from petroleum; their disposal or recycling is therefore very harmful to the environment. Let's not forget that even cotton clothes, as we have already said, have a really big impact on our planet. The yield of a hemp plant compared to that of cotton would be significantly higher and sustainable, considering its ecological cultivation and very rapid growth.

La Capana truly has the power to leave a cleaner and greener planet for future generations. Starting to use it and to use its products could be a beginning for a better world.

We have been in love with this plant for some time; with a lot of love and dedication we cultivate it and produce our products that you can discover by visiting our website www.canapamontana.com

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