Perchè il CBD è un alleato per la Forma Fisica

Because CBD is an ally for the fitness

For several years now, after having been the subject of many scientific studies, Cannabidiol (CBD) appears to be increasingly appreciated in many areas; in addition to promoting general and widespread well-being for our body, it also has several very favorable properties in the sports context.

Recognized worldwide as a powerful pain reliever and analgesic, CBD has no contraindications and can be of great help both for those who practice physical activity at an amateur level, and for those who practice sports professionally.

Its properties have also been recognized by the World Anti-Doping Agency (World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA ) which in February 2018 affirmed through a document entitled "Summary of the main changes and explanatory notes, 2018 Prohibited List", the removal of Cannabidiol (CBD) from the list of prohibited toxic and doping substances. This decision therefore allows athletes (and non-athletes) to benefit from all the "therapeutic" effects that CBD can offer.

Thanks to the testimony and contribution of many American professional athletes who recognize the beneficial effect of CBD , we can see legal marijuana products used to reduce inflammation and the side effects of very intense training, such as in football, hockey, boxing or other contact / combat sports.
We can also see Cannabidiol (CBD) used in all those sports that require calm and concentration, such as golf or gymnastics, due to its effective action against anxiety and stress.

But what exactly are the reasons for the close connection between CBD and Physical Form?

Through a review of the scientific studies and the results of their tests currently available, different characteristics of the molecule emerge. and can be particularly useful in sports:

- It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
Following intense training, effort or injury, our body defends itself naturally through inflammation or prolonged muscle aches. CBD and its derivatives are able to decrease and regulate this inflammation; moreover, they regulate the production of pro-inflammatory agents and interact with receptors involved in the perception of pain, thus inducing analgesic effects.
It also prevents injuries, strains and muscle cramps.

- Strengthens the immune system
Various sports, such as football or skiing, expose the body to the risk of flu, fever, etc. CBD stimulates the immune system by helping our body to react against infections.

- Promotes recovery from injuries
CBD helps the body manage the immune response; in this way the athlete acts faster, returning to training in the shortest possible time without dragging the pain over time.

- Reduces performance anxiety
CBD can be used by athletes before, during or after a particularly important performance that inevitably subjects them to anxiety and stress. In fact, CBD products could prove to be an effective ally against anxious states and facilitate the process of extinguishing fears.

- Relieves pain
Cannabidiol (CBD ) reduces pain by increasing the tolerance threshold. CBD-based products do not involve risks for athletes and are a very valid alternative to classic NSAID drugs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).

- Promotes sleep
CBD allows athletes (and not) to rest in the best way; in fact, the active ingredient is able to stretch the muscles and make people more rested.Lack of rest leads to physical fatigue and lack of clarity that spill over into daily activities and sports performance

- Helps manage appetite
Many athletes consider cannabidiol to be a hunger regulator, capable of influencing metabolism in an important way.

- Improves physical fitness
At the muscle level, CBD is very useful for the development and growth of muscle mass.

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