Cuscino Naturale Rilassante: l’imbottitura di Fieno e Canapa ed i benefici per la salute

Natural Relaxing Pillow: Hay and Hemp filling and health benefits

Imagine being lying on a high mountain meadow with your eyes turned to the sky, while a pleasant aroma of hay, combined with that of hemp, pamper your senses until you are slightly drowsy…. No, it is not a dream, from today all this is pure reality!

Pillows made with natural materials are now literally depopulating, able to help us sleep and rest better; that's why we at Canapa Montana decided to make our Relaxing Pillow , beautiful and special, with natural filling of high mountain hay and Hemp , both completions handpicked . With the same love with which we cultivate our plants, we reap the hay of our meadows. But not only that, we have chosen the fabric with great ethics and respect for nature , making our pillow completely by hand.

We have always known the many very useful applications to man and fantastic healing properties of hay, including, the extraordinary revitalizing action: it strengthens the kidneys, stimulates diuresis, stimulates the immune system, promotes sweating. Hay also balances the nervous system, promoting sleep and relaxation.

On the other hand, Hemp is one of the oldest and most well-known plants on our planet; for centuries it has been used by man for its virtues in medicine, for oils, as a raw material for fibers or as a kind of comfort. The hemp leaves induce a relaxing sleep and help us to overcome stressful situations.

But how does this pillow work?
The heat of the body releases the active ingredients , essential oils and the scent of Hemp and Mountain Hay, thus developing its beneficial effect and accompanying us to a pleasant sensation of relaxation of body and mind.

You can use the pillow also for the furnishings of your home and as room fragrance , placing it on the bedside table or near the headboard of the bed.

In addition to the Hay pillow and Hemp, with a view to relaxation and well-being we have created for you, completely by hand and with the same fabric, the Perfumed Bag which, in aromatherapy has a action soothing, relaxing and rebalancing ; use it to perfume your home environments or wardrobes, but also for the special hot packs of Hemp flowers for quality and effective DIY relaxation treatments.

​​The bag must be heated with steam (or on the radiator) and then applied to various areas of the body (neck, kidney, shoulders, knees, liver, abdomen, etc.); q When the bag is very hot, wrap it in a towel and gently place it in the designated place.

ATTENTION: Be careful not to burn yourself. The bag must be warm enough but not burning. Wrap it in the towel in the correct way to avoid cooling too quickly.

Try it yourself for surprising results!
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